Sweet response to “Generations”ImageImage


I realized that I haven’t publicly thanked the three men who helped me make my deadline to install Generations in their new home at The Plaza at Huntington Station.  Larry Felton is my right hand who speaks my language and has a great eye.  Jade Windell follows us up with texturing and finishing surfaces, and Nathan Slape is expert at finishing small details, especially from the collar up.  I want to thank all of them publicly – as they were there during this and The Justice Center project, as we raced the clock but didn’t compromise any detail in finishing.  I will find an image of all three, but for now, here are Larry and Jade with the Grandma and kid and Nathan working on one of the Justice Center piecesImageImage

Well, the trip was great – and the sculptures were installed with relative ease, thanks to Larry and a great crew.  I used the “ice trick” taught to me by Roger Seal so many years ago – and the thing to remember is to not give up the cinch bar until all the ice is melted!  The guitarist slipped a big, but we were able to ease him back to position a few times til all the ice melted.  Ultimately it settled in with the rest of the sculptures.  We had a good crowd at the installation and as the day went on, I met several residents and others who stopped by to see the entire installation.  Once the landscaping is completed, I’ll post new images, but meanwhile I’m attaching some photos of the sculptures that are now residing permanently in Huntington Station Long Island, New York!  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

On the road to Huntington Station!

Finally, Generations is on its way to Huntington Station!  I’ll ultimately put more images up, but for now I want to just let everyone see that all the pieces (4) are ready, wrapped and strapped down to the truck – a flatbed making a couple of stops along the way.  His first stop is Baltimore where he is dropping off two huge dumpsters that are riding right behind my sculptures!  The sign on the dumpsters?  “1-800-GOT-JUNK?”  This is a first for my art – and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – so opted for laughter.  That’s how I want everyone who experiences these stone figures to feel – joy – and to enjoy these Bench People and the drum and guitar case benches.  They are on their way, and so am I!ImageImageImage